Check out these business books on audio

Sharpen your management, sales and communication skills with these business books on audio.

“This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly” by Carmen Reinhart
Carmen M. Reinhart is a professor of economics at the University of Maryland, and Kenneth S. Rogoff is the Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy and professor of economics at Harvard University. Here they combine their vast knowledge for a vital book on dealing with financial crises.

“World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers That Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas and Share Your Stories” by David Meerman Scott
A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about you, your company and your products. It’s when communities eagerly link to your stuff on the Web. It’s when online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. It’s when tons of fans visit your website and your blog because they genuinely want to be there. David Meerman Scott reveals the most exciting and powerful ways to build a giant audience from scratch.

“Escape from Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur” by Pamela Slim
Slim provides the best material from her blog “Escape from cubicle nation,” providing everything you’ll need to consider before making a major career change—not just the nuts and bolts of starting a business, but a full discussion of the emotional issues involved. Pamela knows firsthand that leaving corporate life can be very scary, especially if you have a family and other obligations. Fears and self-defeating thoughts often hold people back from pursuing an extremely gratifying solo career.

“Think Like a Champion: an Informal Education in Business and Life” by Donald Trump
Collects previously published essays written by the author on success in business, financial literacy, ingenuity and succeeding in life.

“Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive” by Noah Goldstein
Reveals how to incorporate subtle changes that can positively affect the ways in which professionals advertise, write and speak, covering a range of topics, from outmaneuvering a rival to the ineffectiveness of voice-mail messages.

“Hit the Ground Running: a Manual for New Leaders” by Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings introduces us to America’s best-performing new CEOs who pulled off the most impressive transformations of the decade. They doubled revenues, more than tripled earnings per share, and doubled their company’s net profit margins. After interviewing and analyzing the stories of these top leaders, Jennings delivers their hard-earned, battle-tested strategies, which will inspire any new leader to take the helm and start delivering.

“Big Think Strategy: How to Leverage Big Ideas and Leave Small Thinking Behind” by Bernd H. Schmitt
The author shows listeners how to think of the “Big Picture” when considering important business decisions. To succeed in the modern world, you have to have bold ideas, but you also have to have the courage to implement them. Professor Schmitt will show you how.

“The Point of the Deal: How to Negotiate When Yes is Not Enough” by Danny Ertel
Too many deal makers think the end of the process is simply getting to “yes.” But this is often not the case; the deal still has to work out and be beneficial to all parties involved. With this in mind, Danny Ertel and Mark Gordon present a detailed plan for not only sealing the deal, but implementing it and making sure that all materials and resources are needed to make the deal a success for everyone.

“Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Sales Answers” by Jeffrey Gitomer
Provides answers to a variety of sales-related questions, offering information on topics including personal improvement, competition, skill building, customer relations, ethics, networking and problem solving. (Also try Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections and Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching!)

“Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time” by Joel Comm
Internet marketing and Web innovation expert Joel Comm shows businesses and marketers how to integrate Twitter into their existing marketing strategies to build a loyal following among Twitter members, expand awareness for their product or service, and even handle negative publicity due to angry or disappointed consumers. The book also presents case studies of companies on the forefront of the Twitter movement, to help you develop your own social networking strategies.

“Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected, Connect Your Business to Everyone” by Joel Mitch
Joel Mitch provides invaluable knowledge for Internet entrepreneurs who want to successfully expand their business, reach new customers, and create buzz for their products.

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Business books win awards

The fifth annual Axiom Business Book Awards have been announced. Here are a few winners.

1. General Business
Gold (tie): Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution is Changing the Way We Buy, Sell, and Live, by John Gerzema & Michael D’Antonio (Jossey-Bass) and Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, by Peter Sims (Free Press)
2. Economics
Gold (tie): The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy, by Steve Stoute (Gotham Books) and Zombie Economics: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Among Us, by John Quiggin (Princeton University Press)
3. Career (job search, career advancement)
Gold: Active Interviewing: Branding, Selling, and Presenting Yourself to Win Your Next Job, by Eric P. Kramer (Course Technology/Cengage Learning)
4. Sales (sales skills, negotiating, closing)
Gold: Selling: The Profession (6th Edition), by David J. Lill and Jennifer K. Lill (DM Bass Publications)
5. Leadership
Gold (tie): TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments, by Douglas Conant and Mette Norgaard (Jossey-Bass) and Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure, by Tim Harford (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
6. Networking (social networking, communication skills, etc.)
Gold: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, by Guy Kawasaki (Portfolio/Penguin)
7. Business Ethics
Gold: The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust, by Charles H. Green & Andrea P. Howe (John Wiley & Sons)
8. Operations Management/Lean/Continuous Improvement
Gold: The Power of Co-Creation: Build it with Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits, by Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart (Free Press)
9. Human Resources/Employee Training
Gold (tie): The Rare Find: Spotting Exceptional Talent Before Everyone Else, by George Anders (Portfolio/Penguin) andThe Great Workplace: How to Build It, How to Keep It, and Why it Matters, by Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin (Jossey-Bass)
10. Entrepreneurship
Gold: Effectual Entrepreneurship, by Stuart Read, Saras Sarasvathy, Nick Drew, Robert Wiltbank & Anne-Valérie Ohlsson (Routledge)
11. Philanthropy/Charity/Nonprofit
Gold: Giving 2.0: Transform Your Giving and Our World, by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen (Jossey-Bass)
12. International Business/Globalization
Gold: World 3.0: Global Prosperity and How to Achieve It, by Pankaj Ghemawat (Harvard Business Review Press)
13. Personal Finance/Retirement Planning/Investing (estate planning, stocks, bonds)
Gold (tie): The Truth About Money (4th Edition), by Ric Edelman (Harper Business) andWinning Investors Over: Surprising Truths about Honesty, Earnings Guidance, and Other Ways to Boost Your Stock Price, by Baruch Lev (Harvard Business Review Press)
14. Business Technology
Gold: Making the World Work Better: The Ideas that Shaped a Century and a Company, by Kevin Maney, Steve Hamm, & Jeffrey M. O’Brien (IBM Press)
15. Women/Minorities in Business
Gold: The Diversity Index: The Alarming Truth About Diversity in Corporate America…and What Can Be Done About It , by Susan E. Reed (AMACOM)
16. Success/Motivation/Coaching
Gold: 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, by Peter Bregman (Business Plus)
17. Advertising/Marketing/PR/Event Planning
Gold (tie): Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank, by Brenda Bence (Global Insight Communications LLC) and Everything I Know about Business I Learned from the Grateful Dead, by Barry Barnes, PhD (Business Plus)
18. Corporate History/Milestone
Gold: 100 Years of Chevrolet, by Jerry Burton and Ralph Kramer (Automobile Heritage Publishing & Communications LLC)
19. Business Reference (legal, how-to)
Gold: Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2012 (27th Edition), Edited by Peter W. Bernstein (Ernst & Young)
20. Memoir/Biography
Gold: My Life in Leadership: The Journey and Lessons Learned Along the Way, by Frances Hesselbein (Jossey-Bass)
21. Business Fable
Gold: The Shibumi Strategy: A Powerful Way to Create Meaningful Change, by Matthew E. May (Jossey-Bass)

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